Surfing at Bangko Bangko

At Bola Bola Paradis, we believe in surfers who love the breakers! Our paradise is only 20 minutes away from 'Desert Point' also known as 'Bangko Bangko Beach' THE secret surf spot on Lombok. On its day 'Desert Point' is regarded as one of the best waves on the planet. Barrels of 20 seconds have been filmed there and 10 second tubes are common.

Boattrip at South Gili's

Enjoy the wonderful South Gili islands by boat. A local fisherman will bring you to best snorkel spots in the bay of Sekotong. Including a picnic and trip to a small village where u can buy fresh products.

Diving at South Gili's

Nearby Bola Bola Paradis you can dive in the wonderful underwater world of south west Lombok. Explore the South Gili's: a group of islands based in the bay of Sekotong or experience scuba diving at Belongas Bay. They offer a diverse underwater world. Bola Bola Paradis is happy to assist with booking diving lessons for beginners and advanced divers, PADI open water certification in only four days or diving day-trips all in cooperation with Divezone powered by TwoFish.